Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services, including commercial, residential, event and holiday lighting!

Commercial Services

Our suggestion for all commercial properties would be to do the permanent Trimlight Select, but the seasonal LED’s are also available. Due to the size of commercial properties the traditional incandescent lights are not recommended unless you have a smaller commercial building.

Any bushes or trees on the property can be lit as well. Wreaths and garland can also be handled at the time of installation. Those are an additional cost on top of the installation, but we can arrange to order the product for you.  

Residential Properties

All services are available for residential properties.  Some properties might be recommended to do the LED or permanent lights only because of the size of the home.  Only four strands of the traditional incandescent lights can be ran together, where the LED lights can be all run together because of the low wattage.  Any bushes and trees on the property can also be lit up.  


Wreaths and garland can also be handled at the time of installation. Those are an additional cost on top of the installation, but we can arrange to order the product for you.  


Any repairs are also included in the seasonal lights.  For the permanent lights, any repairs for the first year are covered 100%.  After the first year, there will be a service charge and an hourly rate for the repair, but the material will still be covered for the time that you own the home.

Wedding Services

We provide the permanent lights for the wedding venues where they can then coordinate the colors of the wedding party.  We can also provide lights on gazebos and pavilions.

Holiday Services

Our seasonal lights consists of LED and incandescent lights.  The incandescent lights are included in the price of the initial quote, but the LED lights are an additional cost to the homeowner.  We start the installation in late October through Thanksgiving. We put the lights up, repair any repairs through the seasonal, take down the lights and store them over the off season.  The lights are put into a box with the name of the customer on it and then the same lights will be on that house for the next year. If the customer purchases the LED lights those are theirs to keep.  We will still store them over the off season, but they will be given back to the homeowner if they decide not to proceed with the installation the following year.  

Trimlight Select Plus

Trimlight Select Plus is the latest product from Lily Lighting, as an authorized dealer of the Trimlight product.  Trimlight has provided bright, beautiful lighting on homes and businesses since 2011, giving users millions of color changing options and patterns to celebrate any holiday or event.  Our mobile application provides user friendly functionality giving customers the ability to easily program lighting colors and patterns that are completely customizable to meet any need for any time of year. 

Trimlight exclusively uses LED lighting technology that is designed to last far longer than conventional incandescent bulbs and uses only a fraction of the power. Trimlight’s patented channel system hides the wires from view, making it unnoticeable during the day which means customers never have to worry about hanging lights again!

Trimlight Select also has a Deck Rail Systems and Down Lighting.  The deck lighting gives your patio a beautiful and elegant look. The down lighting can be used independently or together with the Trimlight Select product.  Down lighting with full color control to highlight architectural features and accent the home.